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Announcing "Cloak & Dagger: Part II"


October 23, 2015

Studio Announces the Return of Star Trek: Phoenix

SEATTLE – Temporal Studios announced the return of the fan film “Star Trek: Phoenix”, concluding the story fans have been patiently waiting for in “Cloak & Dagger: Part II”. Five years after the successful release of the original pilot, “Cloak & Dagger: Part I”, the new episode will be released as an audio drama with an expected duration of 90 minutes. Rob Welch, who served as art director/production designer for Part I, will produce a companion guide containing concept art visualizing each set, location and ship utilized in the story. The following is a synopsis of the new installment:

Upon a successful rescue mission on Katrassii Prime, the crew of the U.S.S. Phoenix endures more obstacles constructed by Lusian, their champion nemesis. Continuing their mission to find this enemy of the state, the Phoenix unravels a mystery surrounding one of their own leading to a startling conclusion. The crew boldly unites to end a reign of terror as a shadow begins to rise from the dark.

Returning to reprise and voice their characters include James Lyle (Alden), Roy Stanton (T’Von), Elle Vianne Sonnet (Solara), S. Joe Downing (Niran) and Vanessa Cobbs (Laenah). Amanda Cherry joins the crew (Commander Danara Sheras), reprising her character from the 2009 vignette, “Third Degree”. Also returning will be Stephanie Hilbert (Lusian), Wes Hurley (Telek), and Charles Ames (Kieran). New cast members include Seattle actors, Paul Ray (Captain Dominic Hayes), Deanna Sarkar (Lt. Commander Keela Wyn), Joe Homes (Lieutenant Kevan Anthos), and Justice Aaron McCartney (Moural). Returning to the Star Trek universe after 26 years will be George Baxter-Holder and Tracey Cocco. Baxter-Holder played “David” in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode, “Unnatural Selection” and will reprise his character now known as Dr. David Bashir. Tracey Cocco, who played Lt. Jae throughout episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, including three of the four Next Generation films, will reprise her character now known as Admiral Jae.

Rob Welch, who served as a producer for Part I, will return to serve as Executive Producer along with Leo Roberts who will also direct this episode. Audio supervisors/sound designers, Phil Thenstedt & John Nold of Production House Media will return to manage the technical aspect of the project.

In addition, a behind-the-scenes video produced by Sonnet Realm Films has been released showcasing footage of Part I and is now available at

About Star Trek: Phoenix

Set more than 40 years after the motion picture, Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek: Phoenix is a not-for-profit Internet fan anthology comprised of both video and audio episodes. From 2008-2010, the project (Part I) was the largest all-volunteer, consistent film production of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. More than 150 cast and crew volunteered to bring the anthology to over 2 million viewers worldwide.

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