Thomas F. Alden

Service Number: ETS-506-282
Current Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief Medical Officer
Species: Human
Birthdate: Stardate 60218.0
Birth Origin: Kent, Great Britain, Earth

Personnel/Service Record:

Thomas Alden is the only son of Sir Neville Alden (GBE, MD, FRS) and his second wife, Jane Clairmont. He attended University of Cambridge for two years, following a 200-year-old family tradition, but then transferred to Starfleet Medical Academy, graduating in 2403 with a specialty in Exobiology. Alden's first assignment was to Commander Elizabeth Lense's long-term project on inter-species reproduction. He also served aboard the USS Enterprise-F at the same time as then-Lieutenant Bryce Avari. After several other postings, Alden petitioned to be removed from active duty, citing personal reasons. He was granted both his petition and a leave of absence; he subsequently assumed direction of a remote exobiology research lab on Starbase 515. He returned to starship duty at the personal request of Captain Avari, accepting the position of Chief Medical Officer on the USS Phoenix.

Psychological Profile:

Note: Access to complete profile requires command-level clearance from Starfleet Medical. Since last assessment, subject has become more introverted, with fewer intimates. He deflects most attempts at familiarity or closeness with sarcasm or dry wit; observed using similar coping tactics during tense situations. Extremely intelligent, if a trifle idiosyncratic. Displays a soft spot for cats, ferrets, and lab mice. Despite an occasional disregard for proper etiquette, subject's professional/bedside manner falls within acceptable parameters.

Personal interests:

Fine Whiskies, particularly Aldebaran; Chess; Shakespeare

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