Pelomar Laenah

Service Number: QAS-574-020
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief Navigator
Species: Meneán
Birthdate: Unknown
Birth Origin: Meneá

Personnel/Service Record:

Note: At the request of the Huari Council, details regarding Laenah's life prior to enrolling in Starfleet must be requested through the Meneán Ambassador and Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Pelomar Laenah is one of very few Meneáns to not only leave, but also remain away from, her planet. Her entrance into Starfleet Academy was sponsored by the same Federation Ambassador who had facilitated Solara's eight years before. She graduated in 2416 and was assigned to a long-range exploration vessel for five years; upon its return, her request for transfer to the USS Phoenix was approved.

Psychological Profile:

Subject greeted questions with various levels of polite amusement. She seems perfectly comfortable with her decision to leave her planet (thus shortening her life considerably), explaining that she would have "died of boredom anyway" had she stayed there. Desires to constantly be either learning or doing something, preferably of a stimulating nature; actually laughed out loud when meditation was suggested as an alternative. However, it is impossible not to be charmed by her, as well as impressed with her acumen and common sense. Despite her levity during this interview, it is clear subject is quite serious and committed where work and duty are concerned.


Meneá is a class M planet located in the Gamma Quadrant and ruled by a council known as the Huari. Tropical in climate and appearance, its weather is moderate, never extreme. From space, the planet appears to contain a disproportionate number of oceans; in reality, the substance in over half these "bodies of water" is a viscous biological substance, a necessary component of the inhabitants' longevity. The Meneáns are interconnected with and sustained by planetary properties in a fashion not understood by Federation scientists: as long as they remain on their homeworld, they are all but immortal. It is rare for a Meneán to leave for any length of time, since this reduces their lifespan significantly.

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