Talis Jaryn

Service Number: JYU-794-173
Current Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Executive/First Officer
Species: Altusian/Human Hybrid
Birthdate: Stardate 68962.0
Birth Origin: Alteria, Altus

Personnel/Service Record:

Talis Jaryn is the first known Human-Altusian hybrid. His mother, Aanivya, was the Altusian Envoy to Starbase 671, where his father, Lieutenant Commander William Jaryn, was stationed. He was raised on Altus until age 10, when his father was reassigned to the office of then-Commodore Kieran at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. Among the first Altusians to enter Starfleet Academy, he graduated in 2411 with Honors in Navigation and Tactics. After serving on several ships, he was reassigned by Admiral Grayson to the position of Executive Officer on the USS Phoenix.

Psychological Profile:

Subject's conservative approach to command is combined with an interesting knack for imaginative ideas under pressure. Shows a marked flair for instilling and inspiring confidence in others. Although only half Altusian, he displays above-average empathic skills, leading to largely positive interactions with both subordinates and superiors. Advised to continue monitoring propensity to let zeal lead to over-extension.

Personal interests:

Archaeology; Comic Fiction; Holographic novels


Prior to the Second Dominion War, Federation archives contained only these minimal facts about Altus: "Class M planet with an extremely mountainous surface. Of some strategic interest due to location on the outskirts of the Romulan Empire." Altus' status has changed considerably since then, particularly after the establishment of Starbase 671 in orbit above it. The planet itself is famous for its semi-organic structures designed to merge with - rather than reshape - the landscape surrounding them. The finest of these architectural marvels is the capital city, Alteria. The city nestles cloudlike in the highest point of the mountain ranges and is only accessible by air. Altusians are a hospitable race who place a high value on education, the fine arts, and ecology. Born with empathic abilities that mature by adolescence, they are much sought-after as diplomats and mediators.

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