Arca Niran

Service Number: OFD-739-612
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer
Species: Human
Birthdate: Stardate 70842.3
Birth Origin: Mars Colony

Personnel/Service Record:

Arca Niran is the youngest of four children, with much older siblings. At age five, during an off-world vacation, his parents were murdered by an unknown attacker; the case was never solved. Niran was sent to live with his paternal grandmother, Doreta Niran, a former Federation Geneticist. During his Starfleet Academy physical, it was discovered that at some time in the past, alien DNA had been grafted onto his own. The doctors were unable to fully ascertain to what extent the alien DNA affected him, except for one outstanding characteristic: his records indicated that not only had he never been ill, but he also healed from injuries at an abnormally fast rate. Doreta Niran had passed away a year before, so Starfleet could only surmise that she had conducted illicit genetic studies, using her grandson as research material. He was allowed to pursue his studies and graduated in 2413. Five years later, his commanding officer recommended him for advanced tactical training, which he passed the first time, with special commendations. He was asked to stay on as a training instructor and remained there until he was assigned to the USS Phoenix.

Psychological Profile:

Showing no signs of childhood trauma, subject is assertive and confident, with an impressive ability to quickly - and correctly - assess people and situations. Possessing a strong sense of loyalty himself, he inspires it in others, whether close friends or peers. While comfortable in leadership roles, he may become exasperated if questioned too much or too often; however, it should be noted that the recommendation to practice breathing exercises was accepted gracefully and with good humor. Subject seems eminently suited to, and comfortable in, his position.

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