Bryce D. Avari

Service Number: HGC-141-673
Current Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Commanding Officer
Species: Human
Birthdate: Stardate 63401.2
Birth Origin: Kadia, Triceria Prime

Personnel/Service Record:

Bryce Avari was born nine years after the first settlement of Tricera Prime, to two of the original colonists: Dr. Nathaniel Avari, Temporal Physicist, and Dr. Miranda Prosper, Terraformer and Botanist. He attended Starfleet Academy, graduating top of his class (2405). First Assignment: Ensign on the USS Enterprise-F, under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon; promoted to Lieutenant during first year on board. He was awarded rank of Captain for superior service on the Ascension Project mission. First Command: USS Phoenix.

Psychological Profile:

Subject exhibits a strong sense of leadership and dedication to duty. Apt to become impatient with protocol or politics he perceives as excessive or unnecessary. Determined - some would characterize this quality as "stubborn" - but willing to listen. Has a considerable degree of charm, when inclined to use it, and possesses an excellent sense of humor. Subject is a private person, with few intimates, but fiercely loyal to those he trusts.

Personal interests:

Cooking; Parasailing; Ancient sea vessels

Triceria Prime

Located in the Gamma Quadrant, Triceria Prime is a class M planet whose surface is almost 90% ocean. Two years after the First Dominion War ended, the Founders, as part of peace treaty negotiations, ceded Triceria Prime (and several other uninhabited planets in the region) to the Federation for colonization. Although the first settlements were located on the planet's three small continents, colonists subsequently built aquatic cities such as Kadia, the capital city.

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