Akeyln Solara
Lieutenant Commander

Service Number: LBV-277-904
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief Engineer
Species: Von Ra
Birthdate: Stardate 65662.4
Birth Origin: Von Ra, Sperical Prime

Personnel/Service Record:

Akelyn Solara was born and raised on Von Ra, Spherical Prime, probably during its tenure orbiting Meneá. Her mother is a member of the Coterie, the ruling assembly of the Von Ra; her father is a high-ranking defense officer. Their names are not documented, nor are the precise circumstances surrounding the death of the first Akelyn Solara and her "restoration" as the present Solara clone now in Starfleet. Her father found it necessary to have Solara smuggled off Spherical Prime and placed with a Meneán family, suggesting possible malfeasance or misconduct on someone's part. The Federation Ambassador to Meneá sponsored her application to Starfleet Academy, and she graduated with High Honors in Engineering in 2408. Prior to assignment and subsequent promotion on the USS Phoenix, Solara served on the USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 and the USS Bradbury.

Psychological Profile:

In light of her cultural and experiential influences, subject adjusts much more quickly than expected. Displays initial signs of shyness, particularly when asked about herself. However, her reticence is largely outmatched by her almost inordinate inquisitiveness, which gets her over most hurdles. Admits to having identity issues; unwilling to discuss at this time. Records show her to be friendly and at ease with most peers and superior officers. Subject's not-uncommon displays of frustration and temper are usually saved for interactions with less-than-ideal technology.

Von Ra

When the original Von Ra homeworld was destroyed by a supernova, they chose to construct, rather than colonize, a new world. Spherical Prime, located inside a locomotive Dyson Sphere, was the result, and its advanced cloaking technology allowed the Von Ra to roam the galaxy, peacefully observing other cultures without any interaction. It is doubtful, given the sphere's slow speed, that it is their only form of transport. Some scientists surmise that spherical prime serves more as a governmental and archival home base for millions of long-range Von Ra observation ships. Others posit the existence of smaller spheres - built around black holes rather than suns - scattered throughout the galaxy. No theories have been ever been confirmed. Spherical Prime's last-known coordinates place it near the planet Meneá.

The Von Ra themselves are an unusual combination: secretive about their own culture; highly protective of their technological advances; yet extremely curious about other races. They apparently have the ability not only to clone their species but also to preserve and transfer an individual's memory into their replicate. Laws or cultural mores governing the process and recipients, however, are unknown at this time.

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