Joben Karkko

Service Number: QAS-574-003
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief of Operations
Species: Human
Birthdate: Stardate 73377.2
Birth Origin: Suraya Bay, Risa

Personnel/Service Record:

Joben Karkko was born on Risa. Although his grandfather was in Starfleet, his father chose instead to relocate from Earth to Risa and create a chain of exclusive resorts on prime beachfront property. Karkko's mother passed away at the same time he finished grade school. High school records portray him as a high-achieving, if somewhat troubled, youth. Contrary to his father's demands that he remain on Risa to run the family business, Karkko enrolled in Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2416. Admiral Grayson, who had served with Karkko's grandfather, arranged for him to be assigned to the USS Phoenix.

Psychological Profile:

Subject possesses a high drive to succeed, paired with an emotional need to prove himself. Enthusiastic and interested in nearly everything, he makes and keeps friends easily. He is staunchly dedicated to his duties and displays an enviable calm under pressure. Subject shows excellent potential for growth as an officer, but until he gains more experience and seasoning, a mentor is recommended.

Personal Interests

Rock climbing; Ricochet skiing; Botany

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