Yamora Vu'Shan
Lieutenant Commander

Service Number: MTW-381-117
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Chief Science Officer
Species: Sedesian
Birthdate: Stardate 72658.9
Birth Origin: Natia, Sedesia

Personnel/Service Record:

Yamora Vu'Shan was born in Natia, the core principality of Sedesia. Her parents, both members of the Sedesian Council of Operations, are the chief engineers and overseers for the surface solar power generators and internal aqueduct system. At age 6, Vu'Shan was already considered a child prodigy; at 12, she won a prestigious scholarship (usually awarded to much older students) to study at the Daystrom Institute for a year. At age 14, although she was accepted to both the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Academy, she chose the latter. She graduated at the top of her class in 2413. Eight years later, after having worked with several of the Federation's most prominent research scientists, Admiral Grayson arranged her transfer to the USS Phoenix as Chief Science Officer.

Psychological Profile:

Like many prodigies, subject's socialization skills were hampered by rarely being in company her own age. Her "peers," intellectually speaking, were almost always significantly older. Although her time spent at the Academy did much to help her catch up, she still demonstrates a great deal of shyness and even naiveté when speaking outside her area of expertise. However, she also displays good gut instincts, especially where motivation and character are concerned. It is recommended that subject continue to receive strong mentoring when outside her comfort zones.


Located in the Alpha Quadrant, Sedesia is a class L planet with an unstable atmosphere and uninhabitable surface but vast natural resources. For a long time, it was assumed that any life on Sedesia would be subterranean and native to the planet. After first contact, however, it was discovered that the Sedesians are in fact a humanoid race who colonized the planet many millennia ago. Sedesian engineers, intrigued by the planet's potential, devised and built sustainable environments - colossal cities lying 3.2 kilometers below the surface—using the planet's resources.

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