Service Number: 6154-VRUU-19-5
Current Rank: N/A
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Ambassador, Federation Diplomatic Corps
Species: Romulan
Birthdate: Stardate 15766.64
Birth Origin: Raal Coastal Province, Vulcan (Reported)

Personnel/Service Record:

According to official Starfleet and Vulcan records, unsealed in 2413, T'Von's birth parents were Romulan dissidents. At age 10, T'Von accompanied his parents on a secret mission to study logic on Vulcan with Viron, an outspoken activist for Reunification. After both parents died in a shuttle crash, Viron adopted and raised T'Von as a Vulcan, concealing his Romulan identity.

After studying astrophysics at the Vulcan Science Academy, T'Von obtained - with assistance from viron - a research position in temporal mechanics and micro singularities at the Vulcan Science Directorate. In 2399, T'Von left Vulcan to attend Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2404 with degrees in astrophysics, exoarchaeology, and zoology. After serving at a Federation outpost in the Guernica System, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2407 and assigned to Dr. Nathaniel Avari's team on Aldona V. He was acting Base Commander six years later when the Aldona V Incident claimed the lives of 318 Starfleet personnel, including Dr. Avari. His request for transfer to the Federation Diplomatic Corps was quickly approved, along with his installment as an ambassador. A few months later, the investigating military tribunal cleared him of any responsibility for the tragedy and awarded him the Starfleet Medal of Commendation. In 2421, the Federation Council assigned him to the USS Phoenix, under the command of Captain Bryce Avari.

Note: All records concerning the Aldona V Incident have been closed and declared classified by Starfleet Intelligence.

Psychological Profile:

Unavailable; please direct queries to Diplomatic Corps database.

Personal interests:

Kal-Toh; Comparative Philosophy; Vulcan ancient history

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