Tol Hadik

Service Number: 7003-SRWV-13-1
Current Rank: N/A
Current Assignment: USS Phoenix NCX-101138
Current Position: Councilor, Federation Diplomatic Corps
Species: Trill
Birthdate: Stardate 60907.61
Birth Origin: Leran Manev, Trill

Personnel/Service Record:

Tol Hadik was born in Leran Manev, the capital city of Trill, and attended Ganses University, a Federation-sponsored institute, where he studied political science and philosophy. After graduation, he rose up the ranks rapidly, becoming first a Senator, then the Trill government's representative to the Federation. He was part of the Federation Diplomatic Corps and had been appointed the task of representing the Federation in the peace treaty negotiations with the Romulan Empire.

Though a significant contributor to those negotiations, Councilor Hadik's dark secrets began to surface after Colonel Croft's resignation leading into an investigation conducted by Starfleet Intelligence. The official report from the investigation was classified by Admiral McKenzie and following a meeting with President Zahn, Councilor Hadik was relieved of his duties and extradited to Trill. Upon his return, the Trill Senate indicted Tol Hadik with multiple charges of treason and corruption but the outcome of his trial was sealed at the behest of the Federation Council. The Trill government replaced Hadik with Councilor Aagi Jonul.

Psychological Profile:

Unavailable; please direct queries to Diplomatic Corps database.

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